UN: 'The world cannot afford to dismantle agreement' — Mogherini on Iran

The European Union's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini spoke about the meeting held with the permanent UNSC members, Iran and Germany on Wednesday in New York City at the United Nations General Assembly regarding the Iranian nuclear agreement. Mogherini said that all parties involved assured her that the agreement was fully functioning as it stands. «It has been a frank, open and in... Еще depth discussion during which we have agreed on the fact that all the sides are fully implementing the agreement so far,» she told reporters. However, with US President Donald Trump making sounds that the US could pull out of the agreement which sees Iran's nuclear weapons potential curtailed in return for laxer sanctions, Mogherini was clear that this option should not be under consideration. «With quite a good number of conflicts, crises and a nuclear threat coming from a different part of the world, the international community cannot afford dismantling an agreement that is working and delivering,» she said.
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