UN: 'The sooner the better' — Poroshenko requests deployment of peacekeepers in Donbass

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko reiterated his request to «deploy peacekeepers in Donbass,» in an address to the United Nations Security Council in New York City, Wednesday, where he stressed that «we need to move forward on this track, the sooner, the better.» Poroshenko said that «efficient peacekeeping» would require «unconditional withdrawal of all military personnel, mercenaries, their... Еще weapons and equipment from Ukraine.» He went on to say, «today, we need United Nations Peace Keeping soldiers too,» arguing that «there are undeniable facts that Russia creates leads, controls, and sponsors terrorist operations in Donbass.» «Deployment of the UN Peacekeeping cooperation should restore justice rather than freeze the conflict cement the occupation,» The Ukrainian President said, before adding, «The justice would be to restore Ukraine sovereignty over its territory.» The council is taking place in the sidelines of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) which convenes representatives of all 193 United Nations Members States until September 25. SOURCE: UNIFEED-UNTV
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