UN: 'Tangible contributions to peace' — UN envoy praises Yemeni adherence to ceasefire

UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths praised the warring sides of the Yemen conflict for 'largely adhering' to the ceasefire agreed in Stockholm in December. Griffiths was addressing the UN Security Council in New York City over a video link on Wednesday. Despite indicating some violations of the ceasefire, Griffiths said he was pleased with the warring sides, claiming their 'large... Еще adherence' to the ceasefire illustrates their commitment to make the agreements work. Griffiths also gave updates on the UN monitoring team's activities on the ground, led by Major General Patrick Cammaert from the Netherlands. «General Cammaert has chaired several meetings of the Redeployment Coordination Committee, with participation from representatives of both parties to oversee the implementation of the redeployments and the ceasefire as agreed in Sweden on Hodeidah,» said Griffiths. «He's working with the parties on the details of the redeployments of forces, again, as foreseen in Sweden, the provision of security in the city, and the opening of humanitarian access routes agreed in Stockholm. The activation of the redeployment coordination committee, which has happened since that arrival on late December of General Cammaert is very very welcomed,» he added. In closing, Griffiths once more thanked the parties for their commitment and patience, remarking, «there is a tangible contributions to peace.»

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