UN: 'Syrian chemical weapons probe should take place in Khan Shaykhun' — Bolivian rep.

Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Ambassador of Bolivia to the UN, Sacha Llorenty, commented on Bolivia's decision to oppose a US-drafted resolution on the Syrian chemical weapons probe, in New York City, Monday. Bolivia, as Sacha Llorenty said, adheres to the opinion that the inquiry into the alleged chemical attack on the Syrian city of Khan Shaykhun «should be done in situ... Еще» in order to «have a more transparent, independent and complete investigation.» The Permanent Representative added, «there were many, many members of the Council that have stressed their concerns regarding how the Joint Investigative Mechanism has been issuing this last report.» The Bolivian Ambassador expressed hope that the UN Security Council will manage to extend the JIM mandate stressing that it should be achieved through talks avoiding «situations in which there is a finger pointing or blaming one or other country.» Russia vetoed for the 11th time a US bid to extend the mandate of the joint inquiry into Syria’s chemical weapons use conducted by the U.N. and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Bolivia was the only other country to also vote against the US resolution.

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