UN: Syria strikes 'message' for terrorists to continue — Bashar Jaafari

The US-led airstrikes against Syria were 'another message to the terrorists groups that they can continue to use chemical weapons,' declared Damascus' envoy to the UN Bashar Jaafari in New York City on Saturday. Jaafari said that the three states, the UK, USA were 'not interested in a transparent and independent investigation' of the OPCW team, who had arrived in Damascus on Saturday in order to... Еще investigate chemical attack in Douma in response to the invitation of the Syrian government. The Syrian Ambassador blamed Washington, London and Paris in attempt to put pressure on experts from the Organisation of Prohibition of Chemical Weapon and to undermine their work before results come out 'in order to conceal their lies and fabrications.' He also rhetorically asked why the Western powers, who claimed they targeted chemical weapons production facilities in Saturday attack, did not share their evidence and information on their location with the OPCW. Jaafari also called the strikes an attack not only on Syria but on the United Nations charter and on the Security Council, and demanded the international community to 'strongly condemn that aggression', noting it would not lead to 'anything but more tensions in the region and the whole world' and posed a threat to international security and peace. The Security Council meeting on Syria, called by Russia following airstrikes launched by the United States, Great Britain and France on Syrian civil and military facilities.

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