UN: Situation developing 'very dangerously' — Russian envoy reacts to Guterres' 'Cold War' comments

Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya spoke with journalists after a UNSC meeting about an alleged chemical attack in Syria on Friday in New York. Nebenzya spoke in relation to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defence that claimed that Russia has evidence the whole attack was a fabrication: «We have information, we have footage, coverage of people... Еще speaking of how the accident was actually staged in the hospital that was widely broadcasted, broadcast. We have other video materials that we would be willing to provide to the general public to see, to see as a proof of a fake that is used for very dangerous purposes.» He also touched on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres's comments on a return to the Cold War «with a vengeance», saying that «unfortunately today we have not the proper mechanism that existed during the proper Cold War and that is indeed a problem.» «We were to complacentto think that nothing like that would happen anyway, any time in history anymore», Guterres added. On Saturday, the 'White Helmets' alleged that chemical-filled munitions were dropped over Douma on April 7 causing the deaths of up to 70 people. Russia has denied the allegations, calling them a «fabrication.»

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