UN: Round eight of Syria peace talks to be held on November 28

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura today announced his intention to convene round eight of the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva on the 28th of November. Briefing the UN Security Council via teleconference from Geneva, de Mistura said the next round of talks should focus on the «schedule and process to draft a new constitution.» He noted that while terrorist factions are being defeated, a... Еще complete victory can't be achieved «by military means alone». He said: «De-escalation arrangements are being seriously, sometimes, challenged, but they are working. So, the next Astana meeting should focus on putting the existing arrangements on de-escalation back on track and finalizing the establishment of a proper monitoring system.» Commenting on the possible agenda for future negotiations, de Mistura said that the aim is «to move into real negotiations on constitution and UN-supervised elections as per 2254. We should in parallel, of course, keep exploring the issue of governance and terrorism files. And we should view any initiative, any initiative, basically by virtue on whether it contributes to UN-led political process in Geneva that you have mandated me to pursue on behalf of the Secretary-General and of yourselves.» Resolution 2254 was adopted in 2015 by the UN Security Council as a road map for a peace process in Syria. Mandatory Credit: UNTV.

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