UN: Remarkable Trump's speech won't help N. Korea crisis — Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Washington's rhetoric is not helping to defuse the crisis with North Korea, commenting on US President Donald Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly earlier on Tuesday. «If we simply condemn and threaten, we will probably only antagonise the countries that we want to influence. That’s why we prefer to work with all parties concerned, to engage them... Еще in dialogue,» said Russian foreign minister. The Minister added, however, that 'the most worrisome' was the US administration stance on the Iran nuclear deal, namely its repeated threats to pull out of the agreement, adding that Moscow will stick to its position in the matter. 'We will defend this document, this consensus that was felt as a relief in the entire international community, and which has really strengthened, we have no doubt about it, regional stability, and even more broadly, international security,' said Lavrov. Lavrov also acknowledged Trump statements on the Ukraine's sovereignty violation adding that «It's a pity that the former administration did not make such a statement in 2014 when the military coup took place and when international agreements endorsed by EU representatives were trodden to pieces.» Lavrov called Trump's maiden speech 'remarkable' adding that he also felt that «it targeted not only for the international audience, but also for the domestic one.»

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