UN: Pompeo, Haley implore UN to maintain North Korean sanctions

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared alongside United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley urged the international community to keep up the pressure and maintain sanctions on North Korea, speaking from New York City on Friday. Pompeo said that the US President Donald Trump's administration's hoped that one day North Korea could be «in our midst here in the United Nations... Еще, not as a pariah, but as a friend,» but that it would take «full enforcement of sanctions for us to get there. It will also take Chairman Kim following through on his personal commitments that he made to President Trump in Singapore.» Haley echoed his remarks by saying «we can't do one thing until we see North Korea respond to their promise to denuclearise. We have to see some sort of action and so until that action happens, the Security Council is going to hold tight, the international community we ask you to hold tight as we go forward.» The best way to support the denuclearisation talks «is to not loosen the sanctions,» Haley added. In addition, Pompeo welcomed the proposed meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying «I think this makes enormous sense and I am very hopeful that that meeting will take place this fall.» Mandatory credit: UNTV

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