UN: Palestinian UN Amb. calls for 'independent commission' into Israeli Army killings

Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations Riyad Mansour criticised an Israeli Army investigation of its own actions during the last week of protests in Gaza and called for an «independent commission» instead, during a press conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, Friday. «Any investigation by the Israeli Army versus itself will not lead to any result different... Еще than the results that they have done in the past, because they did not show any change in the rules of engagement and therefore there will not be any change in terms of their investigation,» stated Mansour. «We challenge the liars who advocated lies in the Security Council yesterday. Let us have independent commissions to come and investigate, to find who is violating international law, to find who are the criminals who are killing innocent civilians and to hold them responsible,» added Mansour. «Those cowards, who are hiding behind the hills and armed to the teeth, protected to the teeth with high velocity rifles, to use them as snipers against civilians, shame on them,» the Palestinian Permanent Observer to the UN stated. Mansour continued, «They are the cowards who are facing defenceless civilians and killing them, as one would go hunting in the open fields.» SOURCE: UNIFEED-UNTV

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