UN: Palestine ambassador calls for 'independent' investigation' on Gaza 'massacre'

Permanent Observer of Palestine to the UN Riyad Mansour urged the Security Council to «immediately to stop the massacre» of Palestinians and called for a «transparent independent international inquiry» into the matter. He spoke at the UN headquarters in New York City on Monday. Mansour condemned «the odious massacre committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip before calling on the Security Council «to... Еще work without delay to resolve the sensitive issue, which threatens international peace and security. The council must act immediately to stop the massacre committed against our people, in particular, now in Gaza.» He stressed the provocation raised by the “illegitimate decision made by the US administration about Jerusalem” and added that it violated Security Council resolutions. He also stressed that the US decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem was «provocative» and «illegitimate,» which he said «violates the relevant resolution of Security Council 478 and 2334.» Russian UN representative Dmitri Polyansky said that «Moscow is deeply concerned by the escalation of tension in the occupied Palestinian territories. It reached a dangerous level against the background of the ceremony, which symbolised the beginning of the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv.» It is time «to re-activate the work of the Middle East Quartet of international mediators,» added Polyansky.

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