UN: ‘Our position is unfailing,’ Russia’s envoy tells Security Council

have tried not once to initiate an adequate response of the UN Security Council to chemical terrorism in the Middle East which has yet proved to be unsuccessful. Last year Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov proposed at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva to elaborate a new international convention on the suppression of acts of chemical and biological terrorism. We call onto everyone to join the... Еще discussion of this problem.» Russian Ambassador to the United Nations told the Security Council on Thursday “Our position is unfailing”. He said: “We condemn the use of chemical weapons by anyone, whatever the circumstances are. The perpetrators of such crimes must be held accountable. From the very beginning, the Russian Federation was a part of the successful efforts of demilitarisation of Syria and was one of the founding members of the JIM (Joint Investigative Mechanism) on chemical weapons use in Syria. It was our expectation that this body would carry out its very important task in an independent, impartial and professional way thus enabling to identify perpetrators and instigators of such crimes on the basis of robust and credible evidence.”

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