UN: 'Nowhere to flee' — UK, Netherlands and Sweden warn of humanitarian mayhem in Idlib

The UK, Netherlands and Sweden warned the UN Security Council in New York on Thursday, that a possible escalation in the Idib Syrian province would be a 'humanitarian catastrophe'. «Either Russia calls for restraint or Russia will be deemed complicit in their use, when these weapons are used,» the British ambassador to the UN Karen Pierce said. The Dutch ambassador Karel van Oosterom said... Еще that «escalation would lead to an unspeakable humanitarian catastrophe with major regional consequences. And this council has the responsibility to prevent this worst-case scenario.» «We are alarmed by the signs of a possible military offensive in north-western Syria,» the Swedish ambassador Olof Skoog said, adding that «a full-scale military offensive would lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. Idlib is different from other areas, there is nowhere to flee.» Airstrikes against the latest ISIS strongholds in Idlib province have stirred concerns over an imminent escalation of violence in the area.

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