UN: «Northern Afghanistan turning to foothold of international terrorism» — Lavrov at UNSC

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the Security Council on Friday that surviving militants from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) are fleeing from Syria to Central Asia including northern Afghanistan during a meeting in UN headquarters in New York City on Friday. «Northern Afghanistan is turning into a foothold of international terrorism with the Afghan wing... Еще of ISIS in the lead,» said Lavrov, adding that «it's forming a staging ground to carry out destructive plans in the region in the spirit of the notorious ideology of caliphate with stark collusion and direct support of foreign and local sponsors.» He drew attention towards another issue undermining regional stability. «Last year saw an unprecedented growth in Afghan drug production, he said, adding that «urgent measures are necessary to cut off this threat which fuels international terrorism, undermines countries' stability, the health of the younger generation, triggers crime and corruption.» He revealed that Russia's investment in the region make USD 20 billion dollars (EUR 16,4 billion). UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres meanwhile called on all countries to support Afghan counter-terrorism efforts, «Responding to these threats cannot be the responsibility of the Afghan Government alone. Effective counter-terrorism relies on regional and multilateral cooperation, based firmly on human rights,» he said. US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan stated that Afghanistan's security not only depends on the support of international community but on the «commitment of Afghans themselves.» «We must continue to support the principle that an enduring peace for Afghanistan is one that is built, led, and ultimately maintained by the Afghan government and its people,» he concluded.


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