UN: No negotiations until US stops 'hostile' threats — North Korea representative

The North Korea permanent representative to the UN, Cha Son Nam, stated on Friday at a General Assembly meeting in New York City that North Korea would not negotiate over its missile and nuclear programmes until the US completely stopped its hostile policies and threats against the DPRK. The diplomat announced that Pyongyang would hold back from the negotiating table «unless the hostile policy... Еще and nuclear threat of the US against the DPRK are thoroughly eradicated.» Until then, Pyongyang would simultaneously push towards economic development and building a «nuclear force.» Cha Son Nam warned that the Korean peninsula is «on the brink of nuclear war,» and blamed the US as being «entirely accountable for it.» He concluded his speech by defining the DPRK as a «responsible nuclear state» that will make a «productive contribution to ensuring peace and security» in the Korean peninsula and the world.

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