UN: «No double standards for justice» — Gatilov speaks out on UN approach to Iraq and Syria

Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gennadi Gatilov slammed the «double standards» of the UN's approach to justice in Syria and Iraq, speaking at the UN Security Council, Thursday. Gatilov noted that Russia is welcoming the recently adopted resolution «which implies the creation of the working groups for collecting and saving the proof of the crimes conducted by ISIS terrorists on Iraq´s... Еще territories» as «was discussed with the authorities of this country». On the other hand, Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs called upon Security Council members to dismiss the illegitimate approach to justice system in Syria, initiated by several UN members, as do not «even consider talking with Damascus.» Gatilov repeated that «to be successful in the fight is only possible on the strong basis of international law, without ignoring the sovereignty of the countries under terrorism attacks. On the opposite, we need to collaborate with these states.» SOURCE: UNIFEED-UNTV

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