UN: 'NATO is trying to restore the climate of the Cold War' — Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that NATO is seeking to recreate the climate of the Cold War, at UN General Assembly, in New York City, on Thursday. According to the Foreign Minister, the West base their policy on the principle, «if you are not with us you are against us,» through NATO's expansion to the east, which in turn is «provoking instability in the post-Soviet are and... Еще fostered anti-Russian sentiments.» Lavrov added that the US's sanctions against Iran, «undermines the collective efforts of international efforts» and jeopardises the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal. In regards to North Korea’s nuclear missile tests, Lavrov said that whilst Russia condemns Pyongyang's actions, «military hysteria is not just an impasse, it is a disaster.» Touching upon Syria, Lavrov stated, «The development of the situation in Syria is such that it gives rise to guarded optimism on our part,» noting that during the last Astana talks the de-escalation areas were formalised. He further stressed the need to investigate the employment of chemical weapons in the region «honestly and professionally, without attempts to manipulate OPCW and the joint investigative mechanism.»


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