UN: Mandela was ‘living embodiment’ of UN values — New Zealand PM Ardern

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called Nelson Mandela a ‘living embodiment of the United Nation's values’ while giving speech at a peace summit in memory of the late South African leader in New York City on Monday. Nelson Mandela was “a global icon for the fight for equality, freedom and human rights,” Ardern said, and added: «he led the struggle against apartheid and division but not... Еще only that, he personified the values of forgiveness and reconciliation.» Ardern also noted that Mandela had a “profound impact on New Zealand. His struggle against apartheid was supported in New Zealand through a mass protest movement in the early 1980s.» Ardern continued by saying “there is still work to do” and that “We must ensure that the just, peaceful, prosperous, democratic, fair and inclusive world which Mandela strived for is fully realised.”

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