UN: Macron talks Iran, Migration, and Syria after UNGA speech

French President Emmanuel Macron commented on numerous topics while speaking at a press conference just after his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday. On his speech before the UN General Assembly, Macron denied it was a rebuke of US President Trump's earlier speech, saying «I wouldn't see what just happened as an opposition between two countries, but rather the fact that we... Еще don't need to abide by a unilateral decision of a country, to leave the course of international cooperation and multilateralism.» Macron then defended the recent announcement of the establishment of special payment channels between the European Union and Iran, saying it would lead to lower oil prices which Trump himself expressed concern about. He then added «I don't think it's good for Europe that a unilateral decision prevents European companies from pursuing Europe's goals.» However, Macron said there is still room for cooperation with the United States, particularly on Syria. «The United States of America are more engaged on the Syrian issue today, they totally agree with us on the importance of the Idlib region's humanitarian emergency,» Macron said. On migration, Macron said «If I start saying that France will be a safe haven for any ship leaving Africa, first of all, that's not a solution I believe in, and it's not politically sustainable,» and added that doing so could risk power shifting «towards the xenophobic fringes in our country.»

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