UN: Libya truce 'holds only in name' — special envoy Salame

Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya Ghassan Salame said that the truce in the North African country «holds only in name,» as he was briefing the Security Council via teleconference, on Thursday. «I regret to report that the truce holds only in name. The artillery exchanges have significantly increased in Tripoli in recent days, with an associated increase in civilian casualties due to the... Еще use of indiscriminate shelling,» said Salame. The UN envoy added that «unscrupulous actors» who are «cynically» affirming their commitment to the peace process in front of the UN are actually continuing «to double down on a military solution, raising the frightening spectre of a full-scale conflict and further misery for the Libyan people.» Salame also touched on the economic situation in Libya, stressing that «the cumulative lost revenue as a result of the blockade has reached over $622 million [€563.8 million].» Speaking from the New York City headquarters of the UN, US ambassador Kelly Craft urged Member States to «comply with their obligations to implement the UN arms embargo.» «This entails an immediate and permanent halt of all deployments of personnel, fighters, and military equipment to Libya.» Fighting has been taking place around Tripoli since the Libyan National Army (LNA), which controls much of Libya's east and parts of the south, first launched an offensive to gain control of Tripoli from the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in April. At the Berlin conference on January 19, world leaders agreed on upholding a UN arms embargo and implementing a ceasefire in Libya. Mandatory credit: UNIFEED Mandatory credit: UNIFEED

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