UN: IS have not succeeded in dividing the Iraqi people, says UN adviser

Special adviser and head of the UN investigative team to promote accountability for crimes committed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) Karim Asad Ahmad Khan stated that the militant group had not managed to divide the people of Iraq. He made the comments while speaking at a UN Security Council meeting in New York, Monday. «Despite the scale, and depravity, and... Еще barbarity that were unleashed by IS on innocent civilians, they have not succeeded in dividing the people of Iraq,» he said. Khan went on to highlight the cooperation of those communities who have helped his team uncover crimes committed by IS in Iraq. «Their message is not one seeking revenge, it’s not one seeking reprisal, it is one seeking justice,» he emphasised. For his part Iraqi Ambassador to the UN Mohammad Hussein Ali Bahr Aluloom stressed the importance of «the use of evidence to compliment the investigations conducted by competent Iraq authorities into the crimes committed by Islamic State.» mandatory credit: un tv

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