UN: 'Iran is responsible' for tanker attacks, says acting US rep. to UN

Acting Permanent Representative of US to the United Nations Jonathan Cohen said «Iran is responsible» for the attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman while speaking to the press in the UN Headquarters in New York City on Thursday. «The United States assesses that Iran is responsible for these attacks. No proxy group in the area has the resources or skill to act with this level of... Еще sophistication. Iran however, has the weapons, the expertise and the requisite intelligence information to pull this off,» Cohen said. Cohen went on to say that Iran «is doing just what it promised: Tehran declared on April 22nd that it will interrupt the flow of oil through the straits of Hurmuz.» «The United States will continue its diplomatic and economic efforts to bring Iran to the negotiating table. And Iran should meet us with diplomacy, not with terror, attacks on ships, infrastructure and diplomatic facilities,» Cohen concluded. The two ships, one carrying oil and the other a cargo of chemicals, were reportedly attacked in the Strait of Hormuz earlier on Thursday. Despite Iranian media reporting that the crews of both vessels had been rescued by Tehran, the US Navy contradicted these reports and said that 21 of the rescued sailors were onboard a US military vessel. The latest incident comes amid spiralling tensions between Tehran and Washington DC, which has pointed the finger at Iran over attacks on four vessels last month. Mandatory Credit: UNTV mandatory credit: untv

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