UN: Fresh US sanctions worst aggression in 'two hundred years' — Venezuelan FM

Foreign Affairs Minister of Venezuela Jorge Arreaza called the fresh financial sanctions placed on Venezuela by the US government the «worst aggressions to Venezuela in the last two hundred years» during a news conference in New York, Friday. Arreaza was speaking following a meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Arreaza accused the American presidency of trying to bring about a... Еще «humanitarian crisis» in Venezuela; «is that what they want, they want to starve the Venezuelan people? What is it they're looking for? We really don't understand or we understand nothing.» The comments come after the White House announced fresh financial sanctions on the oil-rich nation, Friday, leading to an increase in tensions between the two countries. The sanctions prohibit financial institutions from providing new money to the Venezuelan government or state oil company PDVSA. Trump recently said he would not rule out military intervention in Venezuela after Maduro introduced a controversial new Constituent Assembly last month.
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