UN: 'Do some guessing' which UNSC member blocked statement backing Russian-Turkish ceasefire in Idlib — Nebenzya

Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya spoke to reporters in the UN headquarters in New York City on Friday, after the UN Security Council failed to adopt a statement supporting the ceasefire agreement reached between Russia and Turkey concerning Syria's Idlib governorate due to the objection of a member state. «We had a discussion with with Securtiy Council members on the... Еще agreements reached yesterday in Moscow, which is of course a positive development. Members of the security council, to various extents, took note and welcomed the agreement. We wanted to have a press element by the [UN Security Council] President, a joint one, but due to the position of one delegation, it was not possible,» He said. When journalists followed up and asked him to name which one, he replied «It's not appropriate to name the name, do some guessing.» Nebenzya was further questioned on his «optimism» that the recently negotiated ceasefire would hold, to which he replied «that depends not on my optimism but on the commitment that all parties made. The Sochi Agreement of 2018 was not implemented full because many, many provisions of that agreement were not delivered on time and the hostilities that the rebels and the terrorists started early, partilcularly this year, led to the escalation, but we hope that this time it is durable, but provided that all parties maintain their commitments to the additional protocol, but that does still not exempt terrorists from being targeted, it was written even in the additional protocol.» The ceasefire, which came into force at midnight on Friday, was reached during talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow. On Thursday, the two leaders discussed the situation in Idlib and agreed to create a security corridor around the M4 highway which links Latakia and Aleppo. Mandatory Credit: UNTV Mandatory Credit: UNTV


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