UN: Deadly coalition airstrike on Raqqa's civilians condemned by UN spokesperson

The United Nations condemned the reported US-led Coalition's airstrike on the Syrian city of Raqqa that may have killed dozens of civilians, from the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday. «Yesterday unconfirmed reports indicate that over thirty people were reportedly killed in al-Sakhani neighbourhood while 8 internally displaced people from the same family were killed in a separate attack in... Еще another part of the city. These attacks, if confirmed, are shocking reminder that civilians continue to bear the brunt conflict of many parts of Syria,» stated spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric, speaking at the daily noon briefing. «In recent days and weeks, scores of civilians have reportedly been killed or injured in Raqqa due to airstrikes and shelling and up to 25 thousand people remain trapped in the city,» reminded Dujarric. SOURCE: UNTV — UNIFEED
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