UN: Abbas denounces 'deal of century' and pledges confrontation

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas restated his categorical rejection of the US-led Middle East peace plan dubbed the 'deal of the century' before the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday. Abbas said that the plan «violates the international legitimacy» and «renounces the legitimacy of the Palestinian people's rights to self-determination, freedom and independence,» holds «dictations and... Еще the perpetuating of the occupation,» and also «the annexation [of land] by military force,» even «entrenching the Apartheid regime that we thought we got rid of long time ago.» The proposed map of a future state of Palestine was compared to «swiss cheese» by Abbas, because it «transforms our people and homeland into torn residential gatherings without any sovereignty over the land or borders or borders or waters or skies.» While the Palestinian president called on the Security Council members not to consider this plan «as an international reference for negotiations,» he invited them to «hold an international conference for peace to implement the international legitimacy's resolutions,» along with the US, Russia, EU and the UN in the context of an international partnership. «Peace between the Palestinian people and the Israeli people is still possible and achievable,» said Abbas who warned of the consequences of «taking away the hope of the Palestinian people.» Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in support of Abbas's appearance at the UN in Ramallah on Tuesday. Trump unveiled his plan for the Israel-Palestine conflict during a joint press statement with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on January 28. Abbas already rejected the plan, describing it as being one-sided in favour of Israel. Mandatory credit: UNTV

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