Ulaanbaatar to London — 12,000km CAMEL CARAVAN promotes Mongolian nomadic culture

Would you like to travel 12,000km (7,500 miles) by camel caravan? That’s exactly what Mongolian adventurer Baigalmaa 'Baikal' Norjmaa is currently attempting, beginning her voyage from the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar in November, 2017. Norjmaa’s plan is to follow the ancient Silk Road, travel through 14 different countries, ending her trip in London, UK, sometime in 2020. Footage from March... Еще and April 2018, shows the adventurer passing through the territory of Mongolia in one of the coldest episodes of her journey. According to Norjmaa, during the winter, the temperature dropped as low as -51 degrees Celsius (-59F). The next country her caravan enters will be China, followed by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and finally the UK. Norjmaa is the executive director of the Off-road Mongolia tourist company. The purpose of her ‘Steppes to the West’ expedition is to share traditional Mongolian nomadic culture and promote Mongolia all over the world. Courtesy: Baigalmaa 'Baikal' Norjmaa

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