Ukraine: US not responding to human rights abuses by Iraqi forces in Mosul — HRW

Senior Iraqi researcher for Human Rights Watch (HRW) Belkis Wille discussed alleged human rights abuses committed by Iraqi forces in Mosul, speaking from Kiev on Friday, holding the US responsible for not fully investigating the allegations. in one of a series of reports issued by the organisation on the final weeks of the battle against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). Wille said the... Еще report had found «numerous extrajudicial killings» by Iraqi forces of people that they claimed fought alongside the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), without judge or trial. «We've seen that really all the Iraqi forces that are involved in this fight against ISIS have been committing rampant abuses including war crimes,» she went on to say. Wille highlighted that the US had played a role in training the Iraqi forces 16th division and that HRW had not seen «anything to suggest the support has ended in the recent past.» She pointed out that under US law, the government is «required to investigate independently those abuses of forces that it supported» and «immediately suspend all support to that unit» if the allegations are credible. She stated that US «has boots on the ground in Iraq and is able to do this.» Wille also noted that HRW hadn't seen see any progress being made by the Iraqi government in terms of serious investigations into the war crimes.
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