Ukraine: «Under Yanukovych Crimea was Ukrainian» — Navy Cdr. gives evidence

The Obolonski District Court of Kiev continued to trial former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in absentia for charges of high treason, Wednesday, questioning the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko as a witness. Vitalii Serdiyk, Viktor Yanukovych’s lawyer stated «the fact that today Ukraine does not control Crimea is solely the result of criminal actions by representatives of... Еще the current government. Under Yanukovych's rule Crimea was Ukrainian. Yanukovych did everything to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Those individuals who came to power, they did not take in mind the pro-life in the Crimea, they did not take into account the information that came from the Crimea at that time and they did not take into account the mood of the protests. They did not conduct any negotiations or any actions to resolve the situation peacefully; also they did not take proper legal actions, as Voronchenko testified, to prevent this situation.»


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