Ukraine: Ultra-nationalists protest extradition of foreign fighters

Ultra-nationalist protesters surrounded the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev, Thursday, to protest against the extradition of foreign fighters. About 400 participants of the political party National Corpus and organisations of the National Squads gathered to protest. They demanded the protection of foreign fighters and opposes the public identification of these volunteers. There were reports of... Еще clashes between police and protesters as the latter tried to break through the police cordon around the parliament. The protest was ignited by an extradition order concerning an alleged collaborator of the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) Timur Tumgoyev, an ethnic Ingush from the Russian Caucasus region, who is wanted in Russia for terror-related acts. Tumgoyev, who claims to have fought on the pro-Kiev side in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, requested Ukraine to give him refugee status twice, but his requests were turned down.

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