Ukraine: «This case is fake» — Yanukovych's lawyer speaks out ahead of «Euromaidan» trial

The lawyer of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, Vitali Serdyuk, spoke to the press ahead of a court case dealing with the deaths of protesters during Ukraine’s 'Euromaidan' protests, in Kiev, Thursday. Serdyuk branded the case a «fake» claiming that «the defence of Viktor Yanukovych demanded from 2015 that the Prosecutor General's Office — and Lutsenko personally — would pass the... Еще Maidan case to court so that it would be possible to find out who is still to blame, to establish the circumstances, to make public the actual facts of the events of 2014.» However he said that «the de facto Maidan case, which would have helped to reveal whom to blame, was not transferred to court.» Before heading into the court the lawyer added «we will demand that the participation of Viktor Yanukovych as well as of the public is ensured. And by the public I mean the victims, protesters, relatives of the deceased so they all would be able to see with their own eyes the case that the General Prosecutor's office prepared over the last four years and who should really be responsible.»
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