Ukraine: 'They cut my spleen out' — ex-inmates of Ukrainian prisons recount horrific tortures

More than 300 prisoners were exchanged between Ukraine and Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic (DPR/LPR) authorities on December 27. Some of the released prisoners recounted their experiences in Donetsk, Thursday. One of them, Dmitri, said he’d lost his spleen in a fight during his time as captive, “On political grounds we, so to say, clashed with the one Western Ukrainian. As a result my... Еще spleen got cut out.” According to Dmitri, Ukrainian police officers started beating him up right after he arrived at the prison. Another former prisoner, Vladislav Balykin, recalled how a Ukrainian National Security Agency officer once asked him to commit an act of terror. The officer reportedly told him to blow up a metallurgical plant saying, «We will let you go for an exchange so that you commit a terror attack there, you will blow the plant up. Then you will come back to Ukraine and will honor you with medals, orders. You will become a Ukrainian hero.» Balykin said that they had been working “as slaves” for 17 hours a day in the prison.

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