Ukraine: Saakashvili urges protesters to remain calm and lawful

The former president of Georgia has urged protesters outside Ukraine Parliament on Tuesday to remain calm and lawful. Mikheil Saakashvili, who quit as Governor of Ukraine’s Odessa region in 2016 over corruption, called for the march against Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. He told them: «Do not give reasons to these hucksters. Be calm. I understand your emotions, but there is no need for... Еще physical fights. We need to act according to the law. Let’s do it, and there is no need to attack them. I am begging you. This is their right, but I am begging you not to attack them. Let them go home and not touch you, that is it. I understand your emotions, but there is no need to attack them with your hands. I promise that they will leave,» — said Saakashvili while being surrounded by protesters. Demonstrators protested over alleged government corruption and called for the instalment of anti-corruption courts as well as the scrapping of parliamentary immunity. There was a heavy police presence at the rally.
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