Ukraine: Saakashvili leads hundreds to parliament to demand Poroshenko's impeachment

Hundreds of people marched through Kiev to demand the impeachment of President Petro Poroshenko on Sunday. The rally was headed by Mikhail Saakashvili, the leader of the Ukrainian opposition movement 'Movement of the New Forces'. The march ended in front of parliament, where protesters sang national songs and waved national flags, and flags of the New Forces Movement party. «We will fill any... Еще area, we will fill any Maidan, we will fill the Khreschatyk, we will fill all the Maidans of Ukraine, if we say so and we desire this all together,» Saakashvili declared from a stage. «This system blocks us. They protect their swamp and want us all to drown in this same swamp. They will not leave this swamp themselves, so we must go out and finally drown them there, but not let ourselves be drowned,» he said. On December 3, a major anti-Poroshenko protest is scheduled to take place in Kiev.

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