Ukraine: Residents recall fleeing from exploding arms depot

Smoke continued to billow from the ammunition depot near the city of Chernigov on Tuesday, following severe explosions earlier in the day. Residents living close to the factory recounted how they had been forced to flee after hearing the blasts. «We heard explosions at half past three in the morning, not far from here and began to run away. No one evacuated us, we picked up relatives and ran... Еще away. Ran for 60 kilometres (37 miles). And now we came home to work because we have cattle. But they say it will explode again», one resident said. The depot reportedly exploded at 3:30am local time (00:30 GMT). Following the blast, the airspace was closed within a radius of 30km (18.6mi) of the affected area, as the railway and road traffic was also restricted. According to Ukraine's state emergency service, over 12,500 people have been evacuated from the area. Local officials say no one was injured in the blasts, with material damage having yet to be assessed.

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