Ukraine: Protesters light fires as detained Saakashvili goes on hunger strike

Protesters gathered by the detention centre where former Georgian President and Governor of Odessa Mikheil Saakashvili is being detained by Ukrainian authorities on Friday. People collected tires and set bins on fire with the protest going long into the night. Saakashvili's lawyer Ruslan Chernolutsky read the letter from him to the crowd, in which Saakashvili encourages his supporters to go on... Еще a march to impeach Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. «Do not be afraid. Feel free to go to Sunday’s demonstration for the impeachment which will take place on December 10,” Chernolutsky read. He also added that Saakashvili is going on an indefinite hunger strike. Stateless citizen Saakashvili was freed from police custody by his supporters in Kiev on Tuesday after being arrested on suspicion of colluding with a criminal organisation. He has since been caught and detained again, despite the protesters efforts to free him.
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