Ukraine: Protesters and police brawl after court acquits 5 defendants in Odessa Massacre case

Violent clashes erupted between police officers and activists in Chornomorsk, Odessa, on Monday, after a court found five defendants who were accused in participation in unrest on May 2, 2014 not guilty. RAccording to local reports, about 20 law enforcement officers were injured in the clashes. On May 2, 2014, 48 people died, with over 200 injured, in a series of events that culminated in a... Еще large fire ripping through Odessa's Trade Union building. After clashes erupted between anti-Maidan and pro-Maidan protesters, the latter group reportedly set fire to the Trade Unions building where anti-Maidan demonstrators had found refuge. Despite international calls to investigate the tragedy, the perpetrators of the 2014 Odessa massacre have yet to be caught or prosecuted.
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