Ukraine: «Poroshenko will never be Putin» — freed Saakashvili tells supporters

Former Georgian President and Governor of Odessa Mikheil Saakashvili lashed out at Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko after being set loose from detention by his supporters in Kiev on Tuesday. Addressing his supporters, Saakashvili declared that «power in Ukraine was seized by a criminal gang» claiming that it is headed by «the betrayer of Ukraine Poroshenko». He went on to comment on the... Еще earlier events of the day when security services searched his home as part of a criminal investigation. «They carried out the dirtiest provocation in security services. They were mistaken. Ukraine is not Russia. Poroshenko will never become Putin because the Ukrainians are great and freedom-loving people,» said Saakashvili. Earlier, Saakashvili threatened to jump off his apartment building as security services entered his flat in central Kiev before he was eventually brought down and detained. The van that was supposed to take Saakashvili away was intercepted by throngs of his supporters, leading to a one-hour standoff between protesters and security services that saw Saakashvili released in an unexpected turn of events.

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