Ukraine: Poroshenko meets Arkady Babchenko following staged murder revelation

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met with Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko in Kiev on Wednesday, following the shocking revelation that Babchenko's murder was staged. Poroshenko congratulated Babchenko on the successful operation of the staged murder. «I once again congratulate you, with a sincere heart, that this operation has been successful and we did not allow them to implement this... Еще scenario. I want to let you know once again that I instructed the Head of the SBU to provide you and your family with round-the-clock security. Because Moscow will not calm down,» Poroshenko said. At a press conference on Wednesday, Babchenko, who was reported shot dead on tuesday, revealed himself to be alive to shocked journalists in Kiev. He said he was told of an alleged Russian plot to kill him a month ago, and he agreed to work with Ukrainian security services on a counter-action. Babchenko stated that evidence of the crime is available, and that 40,000 dollars was allegedly placed on his life. He also stated that the photograph used to identify him existed solely in his passport, which lead him to believe the order came from Russia.

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