Ukraine: Police block off entrance to Kiev «tent city» as anti-corruption demo continues

Police blocked demonstrators near the Kiev hotel from entering with tents and Styrofoam into a makeshift tent city, in the Ukrainian capital, Thursday, as anti-corruption protests continued. Protesters stood banging pipes on Styrofoam as a heavy police presence blocked off the way to the tent city. Demonstrators, who called for an anti-corruption court to be set up and for MPs to lose their... Еще immunity from prosecution, had begun to set up tents in a park and street next to the parliament building (the Verkhovna Rada) — a sign that they would not move until their demands were fulfilled. Protests started on Tuesday, and saw an estimated 6,000 people take to the streets of Kiev. Tuesday's rally was attended by former Georgian president and current Ukrainian opposition party leader Mikhail Saakashvili, who called for President Petro Poroshenko to step down.

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