Ukraine: Nationalists blockade TV channel offices over V-Day concert

Members of the Ukrainian nationalist party 'National Corps' conducted a blockade at the Kiev ‘Inter TV’ offices on Wednesday in protest over the channel’s plans to broadcast a Victory Day concert. Protesters claimed that the V-Day gig was propaganda and filled with anti-Ukrainian content. National Corps called on its supporters to stop the channel from broadcasting the concert on Wednesday... Еще evening. Members of the party plastered the walls with yellow stickers reading: 'Inter will be ours' and 'Let’s make Inter Ukrainian.' The party claimed that the «pro-Russian» channel was planning «a shameful provocation» and demanded the state revoke the channel’s license and stop the concert from airing. The anchors of the V-Day concert slammed the rise of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine and reminded their audience how their country has suffered the Nazi rule. The channel was criticised by the national media watchdog for «sowing discord» within Ukrainian society.

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