Ukraine: Nationalist protesters demand creation of Ministry of Veterans Affairs

Around 300 supporters of Ukrainian nationalist groups gathered in front of the Cabinet Ministers building in Kiev on Wednesday to demand the creation of a Ministry of Veterans Affairs. The crowd reportedly included supporters of the far-right National Corps party, veterans of the so-called 'Anti-Terror Operation' (ATO) in eastern Ukraine as well as members of the Unified Union of Patriots of... Еще Ukraine, among others. «Four hundred thousand [people] are already veterans. Some of these people were mobilised, some volunteered, some were professional military men. But they did not go [to fight] for some privileges, not for some fame,» said leader of the National Corps Party, Andrei Biletsky, addressing the crowd. «They went for the interests of our country. They had a duty, but Ukraine also has a duty towards them,» he stated. Biletsky added that the creation of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, that would be responsible for the social protection of those who participated in combat actions in eastern Ukraine, will be «just the first step in this direction.»

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