Ukraine: National Bank of Ukraine issues commemorative coin dedicated to Crimea

Kiev residents reacted to the Ukrainian National Bank's launch of a commemorative coin dedicated to Crimea, in the Ukrainian capital on Wednesday. One resident said that «it is necessary to remind everyone that Ukraine is a state and we, as citizens, must remember that it is our territory, that it was stolen, that it must be returned sooner or later because it is illegal and unfair.» Another... Еще resident discussed a study, which according to him shows «a growing number of citizens who are again inclined to an alliance with Russia,» with the number growing «from 22 percent to 29 percent of those who support an alliance with Russia.» He went on to say that «if people are not constantly reminded [of the past], then they literally have a period when everything is forgotten and displaced; and that period is very short.» There will be a reported 45,000 coins in circulation, with the coin's denomination equaling five hryvnia. The obverse of the coin shows the Ayu-Dag Mountain, which is said to symbolise Crimea, the antique ship on the waves, the gazebo in Chersonesus, where Vladimir the Great was reputedly baptised, and the Bakhchisaray Palace. The reverse of the commemorative coin shows the map of Ukraine and the inscription reading «The Autonomous Republic of Crimea» and «Ukraine.»

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