Ukraine: Moscow 'testing the strength of the global order' — Poroshenko

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko warned that Russia is building up its military presence along the border with Ukraine, while speaking at a military event celebrating the transfer of new hardware to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Vasylkiv on Saturday. According to Poroshenko, Russia allegedly deployed more than 80,000 troops, 1,400 artillery and multiple rocket launch systems, 900 tanks, 2300... Еще armoured combat vehicles, 500 aircraft and 300 helicopters in the border area. «The Kremlin is further testing the strength of the global order. If the world agrees, the Sea of Azov and then the Black Sea will be turned into a Russian lake. This is an enormous threat and together, with our allies, we are searching for an appropriate response to it,» Ukrainian leader said. He also stressed that Kiev's primary target was now to strengthen the Ukrainian army.

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