Ukraine: Lugansk residents sceptical as new ceasefire between LPR and Kiev begins

Lugansk's residents expressed their skepticism over the declared ceasefire between the Kiev government and the self proclaimed-Lugansk People's Republic, Thursday. The new ceasefire agreement is set to come into force on August 25. One resident said, «How many ceasefires were there? This is, what, 4th, 5th, or 6th one? There could be like 10 of them. It's useless, it's just talking. If people... Еще wanted to achieve a ceasefire, they would have agreed already and not shell.» Another resident, Viktoria, shared her concern over residents' safety, «I'm worried about that, because it is children we're talking about and it would be better if they wouldn't have to learn what the war is.» Viktor, meanwhile, said «It is possible that it is a provocation used to their advantage.» The decision on the ceasefire was made yesterday at the meeting of the contact group in Minsk.
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