Ukraine: FEMEN activist sets tram ablaze to protest Ukrainian president *EXPLICIT*

A make-shift tram carriage located next to a Roshen shop, a confectionery corporation founded and owned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, was set on fire by a FEMEN activist in the city of Vinnitsa on Monday. FEMEN carried out the act in condemnation of the involvement of Poroshenko in the recent Paradise Papers scandal. The activist stuck a banner to the tram carriage reading «tram to... Еще offshore», a clear reference to the Ukrainian president’s suspected seeking of tax benefits in offshore funds. A statement released by FEMEN about the protest read «let the burning tram like a chariot of fire forever take Poroshenko back to where there are no high taxes, no war, no poverty, no Ukrainians who are so hated by the chocolate baron.» Poroshenko and his lawyers vehemently denied any tax-minimisation plans and argue that their aim was to pay as much in taxes in Ukraine as possible.


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