Ukraine: Families of Donetsk military officers face «pressure and intimidation» by Ukrainian authorities — DPR's Basurin

Deputy Defence Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Eduard Basurin said that the Ukrainian military service has been trying to recruit Dontesk military officers and their families using “telephone intimidation and offers of cooperation,” speaking a press conference in Donetsk, Friday. «Their relatives are not at the territory of the republic, but on the mainland of Ukraine... Еще. And the pressure on both relatives and our servicemen increased in telephone intimidation and offers of co-operation with the Ukrainian security bodies, in order to save the lives of relatives,” Basurin said. Senior Lieutenant Igor Grigoriev said that his daughter telephoned him saying she was “being pursued by the security service of Ukraine.” “I am just worried about the life of my daughter, for the life of my grandson,” Grigoriev said. Another Donetsk military officer, Seargant Oleg Boyko, said that the Ukrainian authorities “are trying to put pressure on the family, threatening with prison terms for the fact that I am a defender of the Donetsk region.” The pressures on his family, which according to Boyko first began in 2015, are an attempt by Ukrainian authorities to “affect me so that I begin to cooperate with the security service of Ukraine.”
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