Ukraine: Dispute between judges, Savchecnko supporters halts appeal

The Court of Appeal in Kiev did not manage to complete the appeal procession against the detention of Ukrainian Member of Parliament and former military pilot Nadia Savchenko on Wednesday, due to disputes between the judges and Savchenko supporters. The meeting, which is to determine whether Savchenko will be kept behind bars, is scheduled to re-open on Thursday, at 11:00 local time (08:00 GMT... Еще). Speaking in the courtroom, Savchenko claimed «They wanted to scare people, they wanted you to believe in the fact that Savchenko — and such as Savchenko — are against you and against Ukraine. Lies!» adding that «while you are being such a dull sheep, such a herd of stupid sheep, you will be driven to a cow fight on the Maidan and on to war. Wake up Ukraine!» Savchenko stands accused of plotting a terrorist act in parliament. According to the Prosecutor General, Savchenko planned to open fire and throw grenades at the deputies.

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