Ukraine: «A circus!» — Saakashvili reacts to latest court case adjournment

The hearing of former Georgian President and Odessa Governor Mikheil Saakashvili was adjourned for a fourth time and rescheduled for January 26, in Kiev on Friday. Saakashvili called the cases a “circus” adding that “many famous people” are wasting their time coming for hearings that are being postponed. He also added that the most important hearing will be much earlier, on January 22 as it... Еще will concern his extradition. «This hearing [Friday, January 26] is just a fraud, but that [Monday, January 22] hearing exists to get rid of me from Ukraine, because one person does not want to see me in the country, that's all,» claimed Saakashvili. The hearing that was postponed for January 26 is dedicated to the criminal charges the former Georgian president is facing. The meeting was postponed due to special circumstances as a judge's relative has reportedly died. The leader of the Ukrainian opposition 'Movement of New Forces' was accused of alleged criminal conspiracy last month. His arrest sparked several protests in Kiev.


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