UK: Yakovenko slams UK for 'abduction of Russian citizens' for Skripal case

SOT, Journalist: «Do you not accept that she might be fearful then, given what has happened to her?» SOT, Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the UK: «I don't think so. Why she is not allowed to talk to her sister, to her cousin?» SOT, Journalist: «So you 're talking on behalf of her. I want to talk personally, sorry about that. [It's] very simple. We're old fashioned.» Russia's... Еще Ambassador to the United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko claimed that the Russian side sent a request to allow the medical examination of Yulia Skripal and received no answer, adding «now we have more reasons to qualify the situation as the abduction of two Russian citizens,» during a press conference in London on Friday. *FULL SCRIPT TO FOLLOW*

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